The lions are roaring in Munich“!

Lions are on the loose in Munich. A hearty welcome to a Leo-laden experience in the capital of Bavaria. The first colourful lions celebrated their arrival with a spectacular parade, since then they can be admired all around downtown Munich.


Artful – lively – sassy or noble –

 .....the lions have put their accent on the townscape. In the coming months they will greet local citizens as well as foreign guests from all over the world, for various events such as the German Garden Show 2005 and the Soccer World Championship in 2006.

 Presently, more than 150 lions govern Munich, and are genuine ambassadors for this „city with a lion’s-heart“. Their numbers are increasing daily. Engaged sponsors have already bought more than 400 „Leos“. These life-sized „Art-leos“ are presently being designed by artists as well as being colourfully painted by school classes and children and are then presented to the public.

All promoters within the Leo-Parade organization are endeavouring greatly to find many more enthusiastic „lion-owners“.

 And there are very good reasons for it !


Lions help children in need

Our lions are not only a festive cultural enrichment for the city of Munich, but they are also engaged with the seal vigor of a lion for Munich’s Children Charity „Children in Need“ ! The entire net profit of this project will be used for the benefit of these children !

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